Cool Maths Games Lemonade Stand Cheats

Best Math Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020 #1. If you are fond of a classic Math puzzle, you shouldn’t miss out on “Sudoku!” The game is smartly crafted to suit both beginners. For Lemonade Tycoon on the Mobile, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Secret Recipe (100% satisfaction most of the time)'.

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Cool Maths Games Lemonade Stand Cheats 5

New version: 1.6

The downloadable version lets you select normal or short games (15 days instead of 30). Your students can play it without an internet connection. Each PC that the game is run on has it's own score board so your students can easily compete with each other.
Full version available here for immediate download! (inquire here for licensing info)


Lemonade Stand Game Tips

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Cool Maths Games Lemonade Stand Cheats Free

Lemonade Stand is a very simple game of business and economics. You'll have 30 days to run your Lemonade Stand - Try to see how much money you can make! Lemonade Stand is used in schools to teach simple business principles and is also often used to generate data for lessons on using spreadsheets, like Excel. Teachers and schools are welcome to contact me for site licensing options for the full offline version.

Cool Math Lemonade Stand 2

You will start on Day 1 with three dollars. The game will tell you how much it will cost per glass to make lemonade that day. This price changes daily. You will also get a weather report to help you decide how much to make. If you think the weather will be sunny, you should make more. You can also get advertising signs for 25 cents a piece. This price is the same every day. Advertising helps draw more customers to your lemonade, and it might influence how much they are willing to spend. Then you will decide how much to sell your glasses of lemonade for. Be sure and charge more than you paid to make them or you won't make a profit! Then decide how many glasses to make. If you don't think the weather will be very good, don't make as many. Remember, each glass you make will cost you money and if you don't sell some of them, you won't get that money back. Next, hit GO and see how well you did. Was the actual weather as good (or bad) as the forecast? Check your profits: Your gross profit is the total amount of money that you made and the net profit is your gross profit MINUS your expenses. The net profit is how much you get to keep! If you didn't sell any lemonade, don't feel to bad - you can try again. You get 30 game-days to practice making money. Have fun!
There is a new downloadable version to download in the AE4RV Store.
This was inspired by a game from Apple Computer (c)1979. I never played it, I only saw screen shots. So, this version is not a clone, but very similar.